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World Golden Memories International Tour

Whenever people gather, you will find great music, no matter what part of the world or from what culture you come. Whether from the north or the south, the east or the west, each culture provides something unique. Music helps us to learn from each other and to know each other by giving us access to centuries of culture and tradition in just a few minutes of melody.

Please use our contact page for more information about bringing our World Golden Memories International Tour to a venue near you, 

World Golden Memories is our ongoing international touring production that brings together music from all around the world. Each carefully-chosen melody comes from the greatest musical traditions from countries all across the globe. These timeless songs bring the culture and tradition of their native land to our concert hall. They represent the best of the world’s music and help us to recall happy memories.

Our performance of World Golden Memories connects these nostalgic works with a new era. Innovatively arranged for our international piano duo and an all-female Star Gate Orchestra, each performance is a juxtaposition of the past and the present, the foreign and the familiar which unites the audience and performers through music.

It is not our music that comes from all over the globe, our artists hail from  many diverse places and cultures. Join our incomparable pianists and the talented women of our orchestra for a broad range of experiences from American music to international traditional melodies. This productions brings passion, talent and diversity to its performances.

Star Gate Music Productions is proud to partner with Family Piano Company, trusted provider of the grand pianos that make World Golden Memories International Tour possible. Family Piano Company, located in Waukegan, IL, is a family-run business offering instrument rental, sales, tuning, repair and much more.

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