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Born with the aim to bring back the charming classics of yesterday, Star Gate Music Production’s ‘Melodies of Yesterday’ is an amazing show with an original touch.


Talented artists, soul touching music, rhythmic assembly of the Star Gate Orchestra and an excellent collection of songs mark the flow of this live music show that connects with audiences instantly.


Enjoy the rich experience of our international piano duo as Anna Berezkina, Keti Kartvelishvili, Soowon Seo, and Muen Vanessa Wei couple with the fantastic mezzo vocals of Priscilla Ip and Annette Jurcevic, transforming these timeless classics for a modern audience.


Created by an accomplished musician, performer and arranger of musical concerts since 1989, Star Gate Music Productions is the brain child of Victor De’Angelo. His passion for music has paved way for classical shows such ‘Melodies of Yesterday’. Through this show, artists and musicians hope to take listeners to the melodious years of the past.


The show features two pianists and a vocalist accompanied by the meticulous 32-48 piece Star Gate Orchestra.  The program includes 20 treasured classics, such as ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’, ‘Sound of Silence’, ‘Those Were the Days’ and ‘Speak Softly, Love,' bringing them to a new light and adding color as listeners experience their favorite melodies of yesterday in a live setting. Though these songs have been in our lives for many years past, listening to them in a concert of talented musicians brings them new life and will become a once-in-a-lifetime memory. Imagine the masterpieces of legendary talents like John Denver, Cole Porter, Gene Raskin and many more presented in the form of a well-organized live show. This experience will surely be filled with magic!

America's Melodies of Yesterday