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Golden Memories

The music, of course, needs little introduction. For many of us, it is tied to memories from our past. Most of these selections come from the piano or orchestral music of the twentieth century, appropriately called the Romantic era for its emphasis on sentimental expressions of unrestrained passion and sweeping flights of fantasy. It is this quality of nostalgia, this intensity of feeling and this escape into the world of dreams that creates the fondest and most-lasting memories. 

Enjoy selections from this production as performed by one of Star Gate's most popular international pianists, Anna Berezkina.


How popular can a classical pianist be? The answer is "very" – especially if she plays popular music! The proof is present in the captivating performance of young Anna Berezkina, whose recording of 'Speak Softly Love' zoomed to the top of the country's best. Believe it or not, Berezkina has always considered herself to be a classical pianist.